what does tbh mean

“TBH” is an acronym that stands for “To be honest.” It is commonly used in online conversations, social media, and text messaging to preface a statement or opinion that the speaker feels is honest or sincere.When someone uses “TBH” in a sentence, they are indicating that they are being candid or straightforward with their thoughts. It is often used when expressing a genuine opinion, compliment, or sharing a personal insight.For example:”TBH, I really like your new hairstyle.””I haven’t been feeling well lately, TBH.””TBH” is a popular internet slang and is commonly used in informal contexts. It’s important to note that internet acronyms like “TBH” are typically used in casual conversations and might not be suitable for formal or professional settings. As with any online communication, it’s essential to use acronyms and slang appropriately and consider the context and audience.

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